• Pixel Perfect

    One camera. Boundless possibilities.

    Let everybody be in every moment!

    Pixet captures a photo or video when you're having fun. It uses emotion recognition and machine learning algorithms, to automatically capture memories in your life. Thus, everyone can have fun and not be behind the camera.

    Modular. Wearable. Waterproof.

    Pixet is wearable and captures true HD videos at 1080p 60fps and 4K at 15fps. Also, it acts as an editor trimming down upto 4 hours of video to 3-5 mins, keeping only the best parts. It uses proprietary motion sensing and predictive algorithms to determine the unique moments. 

    Let it capture, while you party!

    A camera that understands when people are smiling, laughing and takes a picture at their candid best. So, while you party with friends, in a bar or a roof-top, Pixet captures panoramas and candid pictures!
  • Hardware design of the portable Pixet camera

    Patented Design

    The world's first multi battery, portable, waterproof camera ready for consumers

    with an AppStore for camera apps

  • Highlighted Features

    Low Light

    Pixet can capture pictures even in very low light conditions.

    Video Streaming

    Pixet can stream videos in real time to any smart device, anywhere in this world! At no additional cost to early adopters.

    Blazing Fast Connectivity

    Pixet comes with 802.11 b/g/n/ac wifi-connectivity. It also connects to your smart device, which can act as the view finder and place to control Pixet.


    Pixet comes with 64GB on board storage and 1TB cloud storage free for early adopters.

    Safe and Secure

    All your moments are transferred safely to our secure cloud using 128-bit SSL encryption. The same technology used by banks for transactions. 

    Developer API

    Developers can make applications using the sensors leveraging our proprietary algorithms. Free for early adopters.
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